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17 Applications Is Infected With Joker Malware, Immediately Uninstall from your cellphone

October 11, 2020 Faraz Ali No Comments

17 Application Is Infected With Joker Malware, Immediately Uninstall from your cellphone

Android smartphone users must now be more vigilant about the Joker malware threat. This malicious spyware has been infiltrated into a number of applications on the Google Play Store.

It’s no secret, Android devices are very vulnerable to malwareSo it’s no wonder, cybercriminals always make Android a target for spreading malware.

The most recently revealed by the British cybersecurity company, Zscaler, which said that the malware called Joker was found to have been infiltrated in a number of applications on the Play Store.

According to researchers at Zscaler, they have found the Joker malware in 17 different types of applications. Like photo applications, short messages, and also in emoticon applications.

The Joker malware targets the victim’s personal data by infiltrating the device. This spyware is designed to steal the contents of SMS messages, contact lists, and other important information

Worse, this Jahar malware can also secretly register victims with premium WAP (wireless application protocol) services.

We ask you to be more vigilant because these 17 applications have been installed 120,000 times by Android users. However, the researchers did not say which areas it spread.

For information, Joker is a type of malware that hackers usually use to break into victims’ money. The mode, this malware will make victims subscribe to premium services without them knowing it.

In fact, this is not the first time the Joker has been found on the Android application on the Play Store. Earlier this September, Google also removed 6 applications that were indicated to have been infiltrated by the Joker malware.

Meanwhile, the Google Security Team claims to have removed all applications infiltrated by the Joker malware from the Play Store. Even so, you should remain vigilant because there is no guarantee that the applications on the Play Store are sterile from this malicious spyware.

If you have already downloaded one of the applications below, immediately delete it or uninstall it from your Android device.

So, here are 17 applications infected with the Joker malware, as quoted by Pure Technology from PhoneArena. Check the list and immediately uninstall now.

  1. All Good PDF Scanner
  2. Blue Scanner
  3. Care Message
  4. DesireTranslate
  5. Direct Messenger
  6. Hummingbird PDF Converter – Photo to PDF
  7. Meticulous Scanner
  8. Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message
  9. One Sentence Translator – Multifunctional Translator
  10. Paper Doc Scanner
  11. Part Message
  12. Private SMS
  13. Photo Collage Style
  14. Talent Photo Editor – Blur focus
  15. Tangram App Lock
  16. Unique Keyboard
  17. Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons