These 10 hardest games to play, can make you stressful!

October 11, 2020 Faraz Ali No Comments

These 10 hardest games to play, can make you stressful!

Many people think that playing games are an instant way to entertain themselves, but that view will change when trying to play the hardest game in the world.

Instead of entertaining and relieving stress, this game actually makes the players more dizzy, angry and stressed.

But if you do have the guts to try playing the hardest games, here we have summarized the 10 hardest games that you can try. Once again we remind you, don’t try to play it when you are tired or stressed. Good luck!

1. Tilt to Live 2

For persistent players, the hardest game on this one is perfect to play. Tilt to Live 2 requires players to survive by tilting the device.

Players must destroy all enemies using a variety of power available in the game Tilt to Live 2. Some of the power provided is a laser, bomb, spikes, and others.

Still less challenging? There is a boss fighting game that is ready to face and test the skills of the Tilt to Live 2 game players.

2. Kid Tripp

This game is one of the hardest games to use cute characters. Kid Tripp’s size is also small for a platformer game. Despite having cute characters, this game is not for children to play.

One of the most difficult games is a difficult platformer game because there are many obstacles that the player has to pass. The absence of a checkpoint requires the player to return to the start every time he fails in a game.

3. Boson X

The next hardest game is Boson X. This one game is suitable for those of you who are a truly high score chaser. It should be understood that the player’s skills will greatly determine the Boson X game.

If “Revive” is not available after game over in the Boson X game, it means the player did not buy the leaderboard in this game. Thus, the ability to play really determines how far you can play in this Boson X game.

4. Magnetized

One proof that makes Magnetized into the list of the hardest games is that the game’s rating is calculated based on the number of deaths experienced while trying to complete each level.

In fact, this game looks so easy. The players only need to tap the screen when a small box passes near the magnet so that later the box will be attracted to the magnet. It’s easy, right? The reality is not at all.

5. Super Hexagon

There are no easy levels in this game, only the difficult, more difficult, and most difficult levels. So it’s only natural that many people think that Super Hexagon is the hardest game ever.

The players of this game will be asked to control the triangle located in the middle of the screen to escape from the approaching hexagon. You do this by directing the triangle to the hole in the hexagon. However, of course, it is very difficult to do.

6. Don’t Shoot Yourself

As the name suggests, in the game Don’t Shoot Yourself, the players will be asked to be agile while avoiding the bullets that are aimed at them.

In this game, players are required to control a small plane trapped in a room with a certain shape.

The way to get out of that place is to fire a hundred bullets at the walls. Unfortunately, the wall continued to reflect the bullets that were fired. Imagine, you have to control a small plane to avoid a hundred bullets in a narrow room.

7. League of Evil Series

The next hardest game that is better not to play in times of stress is the League of Evil Series. Accuracy is the key to winning every level in this game, but it’s certainly not easy to do.

Usually, the players of this game need to repeat many times in order to continue to the next level. Almost certainly, no one can do it in one try.

8. Bouncy Bit

Do you still remember the controversial game, Flappy Bird? Bouncy Bit has controls similar to the games. The difference is, in Bouncy Bit you will not be asked to pass through a large pipe but the thorns on the right and left sides.

Meanwhile the similarities between Bouncy Bit and Flappy Bit are equally adorable. Bouncy Bit also has a very high difficulty level. That’s why Bouncy Bit is on the list of hardest games to play.

9. Duet Game

Never play this game when your head is dizzy, instead of calming it down, this game actually makes the players even more furious.

Duet game has been named as one of the most difficult games because the player has to control a pair of balls in order to pass every available obstacle. The players are required to concentrate highly and have good two-finger coordination.

10 Wave Wave

One of the hardest games not to play when you’re stressed is Wave Wave. Instead of entertaining, this game can actually make the player’s headaches.

The players of this game are asked to control the snake character in order to avoid various triangular obstacles. Sounds easy, but the fact is very difficult. The snake that must be controlled is very fast, plus the smartphone screen is made constantly changing.