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Tips for Securing a TikTok Account Must Know!

October 11, 2020 Faraz Ali No Comments

Tips for Securing a TikTok Account Must Know!

Often the popularity of an application makes the downloader forget himself, as well as TikTok users. Because of the fun, users often forget to secure their TikTok accounts from the dangers of scammers, spammers, cyberbullies, and others.

It is undeniable that Tiktok is now the most popular application in the world. But behind its popularity, this short video sharing application leaves a lot of worries from the security side. The most highlighted issue is the privacy of the TikTok account, which is considered insufficient to protect its users.

TikTok is the first Chinese social media application to reach and be enthusiastically accepted by global citizens. However, recent research shows that app security is still a lot to worry about.

Currently, TikTok is at the peak of its popularity, with 1 billion users spread across 155 countries and has been downloaded up to 2 billion times according to AppTrace. Meanwhile, according to a report from The Straits Times, TikTok users in Southeast Asia reached 190 million.

However, unfortunately, the TikTok phenomenon was also followed by a number of concerns with various issues.

TikTok’s user base is mostly children and teenagers, who many consider being a vulnerable group because they care less about securing their TikTok accounts. This is the main reason for different authorities to raise their concerns, the security and privacy risks that underlie all.

However, it is not only young people who may be at risk from TikTok, but an “aged” users also face the same vulnerability. This has led government agencies and companies in a number of countries to make rules prohibiting playing TikTok.

America became the country that was the strongest against TikTok. Even this application will be “muzzled” from the land of Uncle Sam. From December 2019 onwards, US military personnel will no longer be allowed to use TikTok, as the app is considered a cyber threat.

Likewise, the privacy regulators from the EU decided to study TikTok’s privacy policy, and even the CEO of Reddit strongly condemned TikTok’s practices.

While app users also face challenges similar to other social media platforms, these include scammers, spammers, and cyberbullies.

To help users protect themselves to secure their TikTok account, there are a few tips that ESET provides to guide through TikTok’s privacy and security options. These tips are provided to secure and protect your TikTok account.

Manage My Account

When registering, you have the option of doing this by using one of the single sign-on options, namely using a phone number or email. In terms of account management, TikTok makes it quite easy and the settings are placed under “Manage My Account”.

The platform also makes it possible to authenticate accounts, either by sending a verification text message to a phone number or authenticating using an email.

To be safe, you can choose both options. If you want to add a password, you will be authenticated again using a text message, only then can you create one.

Privacy and Security

This option basically functions as a hub for managing all permissions and access associated with your account. When creating an account on TikTok, it is public by default.

You can change the options in the Discoverability section and if the app suggests your account to users who might be interested.

For safety, you could say TikTok is trying to take a comprehensive approach. One of the options given to you is to decide whether other users can or cannot download your video.

But currently, this option is only running on a trial basis. If we look at the TikTok settings, it doesn’t even exist at all.

To exchange messages with anyone, you have to follow them, and they have to follow back. The social media application considers these contacts as your “friends”.

So, spam or rude messages from trolls that abound on other social media are limited by your contact list, which reduces the risk as you handpick the people who can message you.

On the other hand, you will probably follow a lot of content creators, so this doesn’t eliminate the risk of receiving a questionable message. However, eliminating that risk can be done by completely disabling direct messages.

If you don’t want to do that, you can block users on a case-by-case basis, which will appear on your block list.

You can also decide if users can duet with your video, which means they combine your video with their own.

You can choose between disabling it, allowing everyone to duet with you, or limiting it to just friends.

When you browse TikTok, you will also see videos that you may want to visit again later, by liking them, the content will be collected in the likes section of your profile.

You can allow everyone to see what you like or keep it private by pressing a button in privacy settings.

Moderating comments is also one of the options provided to the user. Again, you can disable it completely, limit it to friends, or allow everyone to comment.

The app also offers filters, which will automatically filter out spam and offensive comments when enabled, and you can enhance this even further by adding certain keywords which, if mentioned, will automatically hide comments.

Before and after uploading, you can still edit some privacy options for each video such as allowing duets, comments and making the video public or private.


Within the security options, there is a security layer offering via 2-Step Verification. Its function is to verify every time there is a login to your account, namely via SMS to the registered mobile number and email account.

With this step, whenever there is an attempt to log in from anywhere, users will be sent a verification code via SMS or email, thereby minimizing the possibility of hijacking or account hacking from hackers.

So, those were tips on how to secure a TikTok account. After reading the tips provided by ESET, you will be more concerned about protecting the security of your TikTok account.

Because by securing your TikTok account more properly, you will not be easily exploited by idle hands who want to break into your account. So, don’t forget to be vigilant, because criminals are always stalking us.